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Our group class  can be described as fast-paced and intense with advanced versions of fundamental muscle building fat burning exercises. This program is designed with modifications and professions so it's accessible to everyone! Regardless of your lifestyle and fitness level, we will help you become the healthiest, fittest, best version of you!


  • Small High Intensity classes, so we can give you close attention

  • Our fun bootcamp is available islandwide at your preferred timing. Only need 3 pax to commence

  • Suitable for all ages & body types

  • Shape your body & improve your physiques in no time

  • Customised program to tone up your arms, abs and thighs

  • Multiple programs to fit your lifestyle

  • Interval training specially designed to achieve maximum results in shortest time

  • Challenging but fun classes that will motivate you to your full potential

  • Get fit without breaking the bank

  • Something for every individuals!


When you comes to our bootcamp, you can expect a total body workout in every session. Our classes start off with warm ups and stretches, gradually building up to high intensity workout which will put your body in a fat burning zone. Each week your level will increase along with the intensity of your workout. This creates a metabolic effect that helps you lose weight and get fit in the shortest time. The more you give to your workout, the greater benefits you will receive.


Workout Lesson

12 sessions



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