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Before joining Infinite Fitness, I believe i am generally fitter than average Singaporeans as i frequently play sports (such as ultimate frisbee and badminton) and hit the gym regularly, together with Pilates and Yoga sessions.

My colleagues and I came across this company on Groupon and we decided to give it a try since bootcamp was something new for us. We also enjoy exploring other avenues that test our strength and endurance.


The four sessions we purchased in Groupon mainly revolves about high cardio intensity which encompassed strength workout using resistant bands. The circuits are high intensity with low intensity breaks of about 45 seconds. 15 minutes before the session ends, we will do quick conditioning which aims at our core and abs.

I have generally enjoyed the sessions as my workout usually focuses on specific groups. (i.e. running for cardio on day one,biceps in the gym on day 2 etc etc). Bootcamp on the other hand involves all part of the body and doing cardio at the same time. Therefore, this has helped my stamina to improve vastly.


LiLing Wong



The group training sessions are challenging and fun. By alternating between cardio and strength training, the work out feels manageable and doesn't get boring. The trainers are innovative, so even with simple equipment or no equipment we did a lot of exercises which I never would have thought of on my own.


After a few sessions they start to feel easier as we get stronger and get used to the exercises. I plan to continue with this kind of strength and fitness training. Thanks and good job, Infinite Fitness!




I am slightly overweight before joining infinite fitness bootcamp.I rarely exercise after i started my working life. Not because i do not have time, but because of laziness took over my body after a day of work.

I joined this bootcamp because I know maverick and he recommended me to try it out. I took his advice as i wanted to lose some weight and build some muscle. Prior to the first session, i thought to myself, how hard can a bootcamp be?


In reality, I gasped for air like an old man during my first session. But i decided not to give up and continue with regular sessions. As i am writing this review, i already attended 11 saturday morning sessions. I am willing to give up saturday morning laziness to exercise beacuse its all worth it. Compare to my first session, I can now endure more, and perform better in each station.

My personal goal is still the same, to lose weight and stay healthy. I probably want to attend more sessions each week and also start to eat properly. I am seeing an improvement in my overall endurance, but my weight is not dropping as i am not maintaining a proper diet.

In summary, I gave a 5 star to this bootcamp as the instructors, Wilson, Maverick and Christopher are very professional and friendly. On a side note, i have people asking me why do i pay to exercise which i can do it myself, with my own gears, at my own time, or better just go for a jog, free of charge. The answer for me is, when there is a professional instructor beside me, i tend to force myself to do more, and so far its working out well.


RocKee Ho


Who thought getting fit could also be fun? I've met some great friends though Wilson's bootcamp, which attracts all ages, nationalities and sizes! - in the Botanics as well as getting fit. I actually enjoy the thought of going to bootcamp though if you asked me half way through one of his sessions the answer might not always be the same! Looking forward to getting fitter in 2016!


Annabel Mackie


I lost 10KG over a period of one year and thanks to Wilson's Bootcamp. The sessions were tough but when we see the results it's worth every sweat. We also had a lot of fun as we sweat it through the sessions.

Now that I'm based in Shanghai I really missed my Saturday mornings.

Thank you Wilson!!


Ji Hoong Too


I have attended a few Bootcamps before and Wilson is the best. He is encouraging and creative by making sessions fun, yet effective. Besides physical training, he will impart his dieting knowledge during our small breaks. I look forward to every session with him together with the fun loving peers.


Ashley Xi Yan

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